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Saturday, March 26, 2011


1. Bio-Tele monitoring system using Internet.
2. Bio-Telemetry system.
3. Remote monitoring system in Bluetooth communication.
4. Patient monitoring system using PC.
5. Drips Monitoring system using PC.
6. PC based Pluseoximeter.
7. O2 Management system.
8. PC based ECG analyzer.
9. Computerized Brain wave machine.
10. Human body motion sense.
11. Heart Beat monitor with record using PC.
12. Blood pressure monitor with high and low pressure Alert System.
13. Computerized Wight Analyzer.
14. Tempreature Analyzers with computerized graphical image.
15. Bio-Image Processing.
16. Patient Record Analyzer.
17. Computerized SPO2 management system using FFT.
18. Wireless data recording system.
19. PC based scanning system.
20. Centralized monitoring system.
21. Spiro measurement system.
22. Automatic defibrillator.
23. Multi-Para monitor.
24. Bio electrical interface.
25. Biomeric access control system.
26. Biometric security system.
27. Blood gas analyzer.
28. Blood-flow measurment system.
29. Computorized cardiac image analyzer.
30. Computerized cardiac patient monitoring system.
31. Device to measure the stiffness of intact mouse heart.
32. ECG monitor.
33. EEG monitor & analyzer.
34. EMG monitor & analyazer.
35. Ultrasound fetal heart beat monitor.
36. Fiber optic transmission of biomedical parameters.
37. Heart beat monitor using MC with LCD.
38. Multi channel temperature monitor.
39. Pacemaker.
40. Patient monitoring system.
41. Personal identification and verification based on multiple biometric features.
42. Pressure monitor.
43. Respiration monitor.
44. Robotic image guid biopsy.
45. Short range medical telemetry system.
46. Syringe, infusion pump.
47. NON-contact thermoneter.
48. Ultrasonic blind helper.

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