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Saturday, March 26, 2011


1. SMS based Solar Vehicle
2. Solar lighting with auto changeover system
3. Solar automatic cell phone charger with pay system
4. Hybrid system for home (Wind mill with Solar Power)
5. Solar Birds Scrarer
6. SMS based solar pick and place robot
7. Domestic wind mill
8. Auto charging grinding machine with solar power
9. Solar powered remote controlled bomb detecting robot
10. Solar Automobile Fridge
11. Solar powered remote operated weapon system
12. SMS controlled solar moving vehicle for industrial Application
13. Grid Interactive inverter (Wind Mill)
14. Solar Electric go bed Drive
15. Electrical power generation using steam power plant
16. Solar Powered automatic temperature controller with cooling system
17. Solar powered fire fighting with visitor guided vehicle
18. Electrical Power Generation system using Railway track
19. Solar Electric two wheeler with Rechargable battery
20. Solar Power Generation With Auto Tracking
21. Electrical Power generation using thermal power plant
22. Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System
23. Horizontal Turbine Type Domestic Wind Mill
24. Solar Air conditioner
25. Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
26. Solar remote controlled video analyzing pick and place vehicle
27. Solar Automated Track Guided Vehicle (Solar ATGV)
28. Battery Cycle
29. Solar Powered Voice controlled vehicle
30. Solar Wheel Chair for physically Disabled
31. Solar powered automatic vehicle accident information system
32. Solar Powered Unaided Guided Vehicle (Solar UGV)
33. PC based solar car
34. Solar race car
35. Solar Powered Automatic Railway Gate Controller
36. Solar Powered Path Finding Robot
37. Remote controlled Solar Car
38. Solar UPS with auto tracking
39. Solar Lighting System
40. Solar Fan with Lighting System
41. Solar Car (Running Model)
42. Automatic Solar street light controller
43. Solar Cycle
44. Solar Water Heater
45. Wind Turbine Power Generation System
46. Solar railway track crack detecting vehicle
47. Electrical Power Generation using Speed Breaker
48. Solar powered accident preventer for train
49. Solar Train
50. Solar Automated Guided Vehicle (Solar AGV) 

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