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Saturday, March 26, 2011

CORE. JAVA Projects

1) DOCLET : The Doclet creates Doc Book XML from java source documentation or HTML files. It is helpful if you want to crate refernce handbooks or your API.
2) DBclient : Database Client (dbclient) is a multi database client based on JAVA, JDBC and SQL. It is intended to easily change from one database to another and manipulate it.
3) PMS : As a project management system , PMS lets you organize programmers in teams, define projects, create version-based plans, generate forcast calendars and track statuses. Small and stand alone, it runs in every system with Java.
4) JDBase : JDBase is a genreat purpose database manager5 written in java. It creates the database structure starting from the java beans with a very rigid mappingfrom the bean to tables. JDBase replies the pointer logic into the database structure.
5) Palm ED : PalmED is Java/Swing application that can create, open, edit, and save plam Database (PDB) files in a simple but powerful graphical environment. Includes the ability to create and modify the contents of individual database records.
6) JTMan : Application in java to collect “time slots”of work categorized in task i.e. projects, (sub)-projects, and (sub)task – all in a tree hierarechy. Data are collected in XML formate, resources localized. Report basced on xslt templates.
7) Studentsoft : A student management system in an educational Institute; used by the school or colleges to store their student marks and check there staus by their name or roll no ; can also be used to check the progess of a student.
8) DB Adapter : DB Adepter is an command kline database converter based on java and JDBC. It converts data from one database to another database, but there are some differences between the DBMS that needs to adpted.
9) T – square : T-squyare is a database client GUI for transferring database objects (tables), their data, primary keys, forign keys, indexes) amog heterogeneous RDBMS .db2db is be written in java and use jdbc.
10) ZVTM : ZOOMABLE VISUAL TRANSFORMATION MACHINE is designed to ease the task of crathing comples visual editors in which large amounts objectshaveto displayed, or which contain complex geometrical shapes that need to be animated.
11) JLAW : A Java application for workflow and data management of law Firms.
12) BIO-LIPI : Bio-LIPI is an initiative to creat and destitute code, software and data for appliying natural language process techniques to biomedical texts.
13) JBIB : JBIB is a graphical application for managing bibliographical database .
14) CJ CHECK : CJ CHECK is a highly configurable coding standard cheeking tool for java source code. It check the compliance to a definable coding standard like naming conventions and code structure.
15) E – HOUSE : This is a house automation client / server applicationused to monitor and control sensors and devices around your house.
16) JAPP : It is a swing-based authoring tool for the quick and easy evelopment of GUI Java application.
17) QUICK : It implements all the functionalities of a normal ATM Software in the Telling machines.
18) MEDIA LIB : To catalog recordes, cd’s, dvd’s, etc. at any office or home.
19) JC Tool : A client side Chatting tool.
20) JBIZ : A specialized business Tool for stok agents for technical analysis, portfolio management, chating, trading of a company or Scrip.
21) SPLIT : An application for sharing of the server and manager for file teransfer on internet.
22) GRANT : An interactive GUI Based FTP Client.
23) JGET : An interactive GUI Based server and manager for file trancefer on internet.
24) TRUST : A server which can be used to have centralized secured authenticated access of internet.
25) JDNS : A Translation Server to be used as a doming naming server in a given network.
26) PROTECT : A Text file Encryption & Decryption Tool in Java using RIJNDAEL Algorithm.
27) JREP : A Tool for generathing Database reports independent of the Database used.
28) EXCHANGE : A complete chatting tool for intranet Chatting.
29) JDC TOOL : A Tool to randomaly generate 2D, 3D data charts in Java.
30) FIND : A simulator to help you Choose an efficient routing technique for a given subnet.
31) IMSOFT : A Tool in Java to process Images and provide persistence to modified image.
32) HUNT : A search engine to search files from a desktop based on user defined criteria.
33) JADE : A text Editor written in java based on SWINGS API.
34) HAUL : A Java based Search engine that allows searching & downloading from all visible hosts.
35) INQ TOOL : A Tool in Java used to pass & Execute SQL queries for JDBC compliant database.
36) PF2TF : A Tool in Java to conduct Search & Convert A PDF file into text file.
37) ASSESS : A Tool for educators to Create test Exams and assignments.
38) GRAFT: A Tool to generate and manipulate various kinds of graphic in java .
39) ECHO : A Tool for Loading/saving of any .wav/ .au files, playing, looping, winding displaying the wave in any frequency in 8 and 16 bit with a fancy and functional look.
40) JM EASY : A simple editor for java wioth strong GUI support for helping small kids learn Java.
41) PPM : A Project Planning and management tool in java.
42) DISCUSS : A Voice Chat Application in Java. 

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  1. Thanks for the awesome Core Java project list. It was very useful. Generally students use Core Java. It is referred to Java SE and consists of certain technologies such as Java Virtual Machine, CORBA,etc.