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Saturday, March 26, 2011



1. SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system
2. Human tracking system by using GPS
3. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler
4. Microcontroller based automatic power factor controlling system
5. Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile
6. Microcontroller Based prepaid energy meter
7. Microcontroller based sky car parking system
8. Microcontroller based Auto-Dialer Home Security System
9. SMS based vehicle Ignition controlling system
10. GPS based bus or train collision avoiding system
11. Microcontroller based mini computer dictionary
12. Microcontroller based automatic temperature controller with cooling system
13. Microcontroller based automatic sensor based wall painting robot
14. Microcontroller based wireless energy meter
15. PWM based single phase AC induction motor with closed loop controller
16. Finger print based voting machine
17. Microcontroller Based Patient care Monitoring and Information system
18. Microcontroller based fault announcement system
19. Microcontroller Based Automatic Ticket Dispensing Machine
20. Microcontroller based voice recorder and play back system
21. Microcontroller based ball printing robot
22. Microcontroller Based Voltage and Current monitoring and control system
23. Microcontroller based wireless Electric bill reading system
24. SMS based home appliances controlling system
25. PC based pressure management and controlling system
26. Microcontroller Based Punch card system
27. Micro controller Based smart card reader and writer
28. Microcontroller based automatic Power theft identifier
29. PC based wireless stepper motor speed controlling system
30. Microcontroller Based cash register
31. Intelligent fire monitoring using blue tooth technology
32. DSP based signal analyzer
33. Microcontroller based PC to PC wireless data transfer system
34. Microcontroller Based Power Management System
35. Microcontroller Based Voltage and Current monitoring system
36. SMS Based DC Motor Speed Controller
37. Microcontroller Based Closed Loop Pressure Control System
38. Microcontroller Based Automatic Packing control Machine
39. Microcontroller based automatic visitor guided vehicle
40. Finger print based banking system
41. Microcontroller Based SMS controlled moving robot
42. Microcontroller based digital gear level indicator
43. Microcontroller Based Railway track crack Detecting Vehicle
44. GPS based location indicating system for unmanned automobile
45. Artificial Intelligent Based Automatic Path finding Cum Video Analyzing Robot
46. Microcontroller Based Voice Controlled Robot
47. Microcontroller Based Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV)
48. Digital energy with volt, current & power factor monitor
49. Microcontroller based automatic paint marking machine
50. Microcontroller Based Double Axis crane 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the list of embedded based projects. All project titles are really cool and interesting to implement. SMS based automatic 2wheeler locking system is quite fascinating because it can prevent unexpected thefts. It is an ultimate vehicle protection system. Microcontrollers are one of the important hardware components used in most of the embedded system projects.