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Saturday, March 26, 2011


1. 12 bit ADC interface system for pcs.
2. Computer based ultrasonic distance meter.
3. Computer based video digitizer.
4. Computer controlled robotic vehicle.
5. Computerized object counter cum decoder.
6. Comuterized temperature monitor.
7. Gas leakage detector.
8. Gas sensing fire alarm system.
9. Internet based Remote device operation.
10. Internet linked zone control/monitoring system.
11. Auto scale 50Mhz Frequency counter.
12. Micro PLc system.
13. Mini digital oscilloscope.
14. Multi channel data acquisition system.
15. Multi-channel industrial activity monitoring system.
16. PC based fingerprint analyzer cum verifier.
17. Mains frequency & Phase detector.
18. PC based liquid level analyzer.
19. PID temperature controller for furnaces.
20. Plant humidity monitor.
21. Point-to-point PC communication.
22. RF id system for workers.
23. Robot for automatic process control.
24. Simple relay and sensor interface for pc.
25. Smart card oprated code lock.
26. Solid state power Controller.
27. Temperature controlled fan.
28. Voice command for device controlusing pc.
29. V-to-f converter.
30. 3-phase motor starter with rf remote control.
31. 4- Channel logic analyzer.
32. 50 MHz logic analyzer.
33. Advanced bench top power supply.
34. Advanced coded card security system.
35. Advanced digital trainer.
36. Advanced phase controller.
37. Automatic pressing system.
38. Automatic Remote Diesel Gen set starter. 

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