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Saturday, March 26, 2011



1. Electronic Instrument or Electrical Appliances Watts / Efficiency Calulator.
2. Telephone Line Or Cellphone Through Remote Instrument Servicing / Minor Repair Attending System.
3. Wireless (Power Line Through 230v AC Mains) HT Transformer Servicing System.
4. Electronic Comtroller For Telephone Heavy Billing Charger.
5. Wireless Multipoint Voltage Reding System.
6. Net Through Temperature Reding CUM Controlling System.
7. Wireless Controlling For Boiler / Gas Stove temperature / Timer / Flame Controlling System.
8. Cellphone Through Temperature Reading CUM Controlling System.
9. Cellphone Through Patient Body Temperature / Heart Rate Reding System.
10. Hardware Lock For Any Kind Of Software In The Computer.
11. Unauthorised Computer File Accessing Or Copying Of Peripheral Devices (printer etc,..) Auto Detecation And Auto Telephone or Celluler Dialing To Owner / Incharger.
12. Hospital In Patient's Blood pressure / Body Temperature/ Heart Rate / Heart Bet Auro Detecation System.IF The Value Exceeds The Determined Value, It Gives The Emergency Wireless Paging To The Concerned Doctor / Nurse.
13. Temperature Reding And Controlling Through Fibre Cable.
14. Temperature Reding Data Are Transmitted Through Fibre Cable.
15. Patient's Fever / Body Temperature / Blood Pressure / Heart Rate / Heart Beat Wireless Paging Auto Analysing And Auto Temperature Dialing To Concerned Hospital.
16. Pressure Sensing CUM Controlling (value) Through Fibre Cable.
17. Industrial machine Data (sensors) Transmitting, Receiving And Control Through Walkie Talkie.
18. Remote Data TransMitting Receiving Control Through Cellular.
19. Fibre Cable Through Motor Tacho Reding.
20. Wireless Motor Tacho Reading With Voice Communication.
21. Telephone Line through Temperature Indicator CUM Controller.
22. Wireless Metal Detector.
23. Wireless Portable industrial machines On/Off Status System (Carrier Communication Method).
24. Advanced Magnetic Card.
25. PC As Voltmeter / Counter / Tacho / Temperature / Body Temperature.
26. In Circuit Emulators.
27. PC Based Digital IC Tester.
28. Digital 3 Phase Voltmeter. (440v)
29. Internet Through Multichannel Electrical Appliances Controlling On/Off System (Remote Control).
30. Internet Through Remote Multichannel Electrical Appliances Status (On/Off) Reding CUM ControllingSystem.
31. Duplicate / Original product Manufacturing / Expiry Date, Rate Finding Through Internet.
32. Mainline Wire Identifier For Phase Or Neutral Or Earth.
33. Telephone Line Through Automatic Gas Cylinder/ Travel Ticket / Any Booking System.
34. Embedded To Embedded Data Communication / Controlling Through Walkie Talkie / Telephone / Cellphone / Fibre Cable.
35. Embedded To PC Data Communication / Controlling Through Walkie Talkie / Telephone / Cellphone / Fibre Cable.
36. Telephone Line Monitoring System (Watching Dog).
37. RYB Phase Cables Wireless Identifier.
38. PC Based Cable Tester For Parallel / Serial Port UTP Cable etc.,
39. Power Failure Auto Alert Announcement System For Whole Area Electrixal Consumers Through Wireless Power Line Method From EB Station.
40. Artifical Eye For Blinds.
41. Wireless Auto Railway Traffic Signalling Cum Automatic Gate Close / Open System.
42. LPG Gas Cylinder's Leakage Detecation.
43. Multi / Single Storage Tank Wireless Liquid Level Indicator CUM Wireless Suction Motor / Inlet Motor Controlling System
44. Wireless Security System Using Wireless Infra Red Sensors. 45. Voting Machine.
46. Industrial Multi Channel Control Through Fibre Cable.
47. Complete Telephone Line Through Remote Monitoring & Controlling System For House / Industry.
48. Bio Telemetry Based Ecg Signal Through Telephone Line.
49. Hare Meter For Mobile.
50. Blood/ Glucose Flow Rate Controller (Motorised) CUM

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