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Saturday, March 26, 2011


1. PC based cordless pick and place Robot
2. PC based room cooling system
3. PC based Stepper motor speed control system
4. PC based Electrical appliances control System
5. PC to PC data transmission through Infrared Rays
6. PC Based 4-Axis stepper motor tracking System
7. PC based Auto feed bottle washing machine
8. PC based Automatic mono rail system
9. PC based wireless welding robot
10. PC Based pick and Place Sequence Robot by using Microcontroller
11. PC based remote controlled Material handling Vehicle
12. PC based wireless code locking system for machines
13. PC based Wireless Robot
14. PC based Solar Car
15. PC based Material handling Equipment
16. PC based Temperature, Voltage and Speed (T-V-S) measuring System
17. RS 232 communication Based voltage monitoring system
18. PC-PC communication using Infrared Rays
19. PC based On-Load monitoring of distribution transformer tap changer using RF communication
20. Multi-Device control system using PC
21. PC based Home Automation
22. PC Based Multi-Motor control System
23. PC based pick and place Jumping Robot
24. RS 232 communication based Touch screen monitoring
25. Fuzzy logic based PC-PC communication through Laser Beam
26. Add on cards for PCs to extend the output ports using 8255 for ISA slot
27. PC Based Moving Message Display
28. PC Based Motor Speed Monitoring System
29. RS 232 communication Based length measurement system
30. PC based stepper motor speed control system
31. PC based different industrial parameter measuring using ADC control
32. PC based wireless multi-machine control system
33. RS 232 communication Based automatic moisture & light control system
34. PC based Auto Dialing Home Security System
35. PC based packing control machine for industrial Application
36. PC Based DC Motor Speed Controller using PWM Techniques
37. ADC add on with simulation parameters like speed, voltage, frequency, temperature and Current
38. PC based Home automation
39. RS 232 communication Based stepper motor position & angle controller
40. PC based Auto Dialing Industrial Security System
41. PC Based industrial temperature controller
42. Programmable PC speed control of A.C Motor
43. RS232 communication Based Digital to Analog converter
44. RS232 communication Based Analog to Digital converter
45. Programmable PC speed control of D.C Motor
46. Smart card security system.
47. Rf ID based data secure system.
48. Bar code management system.
49. Data encryption and decryption.
50. Finger prints comparison with safe system.

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