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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Matlab Based Projects 2011

Face recognition
Home automation using iris recognition
Fingerprint recognition system
Vehicle motion detection system
Signature detection
Speech recognition
Speaker recognition
Facial expression recognition
Palmprint recognition
Ear recognition
Gender recognition
Dct-svd based watermarking
Moving object detection using color
Ecg analysis using neural networks
Stock market prediction using nn
A new dual-channel mac protocol for multihop ad hoc networks
Adaptive routing in dynamic ad hoc networks
Analysis of ieee 802.11e for delay sensitive traffic in wireless lans
Backup path set selection in ad hoc wireless network using link expiration time
Call admission control optimization in wimax networks
Code shift keying impulse modulation for uwb communications
Contention-based qos mac mechanisms for vbr voip in ieee 802.11e
A medium access control scheme for tdd-cdma cellular networks with two-hop relay architecture
A new parameter for uwb indoor channel profile identification
Novel channel interference reduction in optical synchronous fsk-cdma network using a data-free reference
Performance improvement in wireless networks using cross-layer arq
Performance of optical burst switched networks for grid applications
Power allocation and scheduling for ultra-wideband wireless
An efficient data extraction mechanism for mining association rules from wireless sensor networks
An fpga-based architecture for real time image feature extraction
An improving model watermarking with iris biometric code
Automatic recognition of exudative maculopathy using fuzzy cmeans clustering and neural networks
Reconstruction of underwater image by bispectrum
Hierarchical contour matching for dental x-ray radiographs
Robust image watermarking based on multiband wavelets and empirical mode decomposition
Image segmentation using iterative watersheding plus ridge detection
Real-time system for monitoring driver vigilance
Robust dwt-svd domain image watermarking:embedding data in all frequencies
Optimized software implementation of a full-rate ieee 802.11a compliant digital base band transmitter on a digital signal processor
Active noise cancellation with a fuzzy adaptive filtered-x algorithm
Design and analysis of bit interleaved coded space-time modulation
Non-symmetric decompanding for improved performance of companded ofdm systems
Performance improvement in wireless networks using cross-layer arq
Face recognition system
Speech recognition system for isolated words
Recursive gabor filtering for 1d and 2d signals
Photorefractive simulator system for calculating the vector space-charge field induced by the photorefractive effect
Dct-based watermarking for grayscale images
Wavelet-based watermarking grayscale images
Iris recognition system
Speaker recognition system
Adaptive equalizer
Advance digital signal processing graphics compression
Audio signal processing
Channel tracking using using kalman filter
Deriving intrinsic images from image sequences
Digit recognition
Effect of equalization on a qam based modulation scheme
Gesture recognition
High performance implementation of mpeg-1 layer 3 audio
Human hearing threshold from eeg signals using neural network
Image and sound compression using wavelet
Jpeg, motion compensation, mpeg-1, mpeg-2
License plate recognition / number plate recognition
Power spectrum estimation periodogram & modified periodogram
Quadrature amplitude modulation (m-qam implementation)
Recognition of brain tissues & coloring of magnetic resonance images
Coding of stereoscopic images - wavelet domain techniques
Compression, predictive, transform, quantization
Car thefts detection
Content-based image retrieval using the emd algorithm
Driving assistance system, speed estimation by video camera installed in a car
Efficient surface reconstruction from noisy data using regularized membrane potentials - 2009
An entropy interpretation of the logarithmic image processing model with application to contrast enhancement - 2009
Sparse image reconstruction for molecular imaging - 2009
Phase adaptive super resolution of mammography images using complex wavelets - 2009
A robust hidden markov gauss mixture vector quantizer for a noisy source - 2009
Composition of a de-warped and enhanced document image from two view images - 2009
Image quality assessment based on multi-scale geometric analysis - 2009
Tomographic imaging of dynamic objects with the ensemble kalman filter - 2009
Clustering-based de-noising with locally learned dictionaries - 2009
Interactive natural image segmentation via spline regression - 2009
A fast optimization transfer algorithm for image in-painting in wavelet domains - 2009
Automatic segmentation of pulmonary segments from volumetric chest ct scans - 2009
A hybrid geometric–statistical deformable model for automated 3-d segmentation in brain mri - 2009
Intelligent thermo graphic diagnostic applied to surge arresters: a new approach - 2009
Cost-effective hidden markov-based image segmentation - 2009
A fast multilevel algorithm for wavelet-regularized image restoration - 2009
Low bit-rate image compression via adaptive down- sampling and constrained least squares up- conversion - 2009
Morphological background detection and enhancement of images with poor lighting - 2009
High-fidelity data embedding for image annotation - 2009
Gradient estimation using wide support operators - 2009
Beam forming with a maximum negentropy criterion - 2009
A comparison of the squared energy and teager-kaiser operators for short-term energy estimation in additive noise - 2009
Nonlinear minimum variance estimation for discrete-time multi-channel systems - 2009
Idiolect extraction and generation for personalized speaking style modeling - 2009
Analysis of emotionally salient aspects of fundamental frequency for emotion detection - 2009
Approximate signal reconstruction using non-uniform samples in fractional fourier and linear canonical transform domains - 2009
Dsp for coherent single-carrier receivers - 2009
Efficient convex relaxation methods for robust target localization by a sensor network using time differences of arrivals - 2009
Late reverberant spectral variance estimation based on a statistical model - 2009
A new delay less sub-band adaptive filtering algorithm for active noise control systems - 2009
An ensemble speaker and speaking environment modeling approach to robust speech recognition - 2009
Observer-controller based digital pll - 2009
A 99-db dr fourth-order delta–sigma modulator for 20-khz bandwidth sensor applications - 2009
Illumination sensing in led lighting systems based on frequency division multiplexing - 2009
Dual-band band-pass filter design using a novel feed scheme - 2009
Instantaneous frequency rate estimation for high-order polynomial-phase signals - 2009
Performance bound approximation for bearing estimation with bias correction - 2009
A blind i/q imbalance compensation technique for direct-conversion digital radio transceivers contiguous spectrums - 2009
Sampling theorems for signals from the union of finite-dimensional linear subspaces - 2009
Reversible re-sampling of integer signals - 2009
Communication coverage in wireless passive sensor networks - 2009
Rayleigh fading networks: a cross-layer way - 2009
Channel coding for high-speed links: a systematic look at code performance and system simulation - 2009
Finite-precision analysis of de-mappers and decoders for dpc-coded m-qam systems - 2009
Spectral correlation of a digital pulse stream modulated by a cyclo-stationary sequence in the presence of timing jitter - 2009
Training design for repetitive-slot-based cfo estimation in ofdm - 2009
Efficient detection ordering scheme for mimo transmission using power control - 2009 \Novel probabilistic bounds on power level profile of spectrally-encoded spread-time cdma signals - 2009
Near-space wide-swath radar imaging with multi-aperture antenna - 2009
Semi-analytic ber for psk – 2009
A bridgeless pfc boost rectifier with optimized magnetic utilization - 2009
Analysis and implementation of a hybrid high-power-factor three-phase unidirectional rectifier - 2009
Identification of feasible topologies for multiple-input dc–dc converters - 2009
Three-mode dual-frequency two-edge modulation scheme for four-switch buck–boost converter - 2009
A novel self-powered supply for gct gate drivers - 2009
A compensation technique for smooth transitions in a non-inverting buck–boost converter - 2009
Impact of emc filters on the power density of modern three-phase pwm converters - 2009
Multiple-load–source integration in a multilevel modular capacitor-clamped dc–dc converter featuring fault tolerant capability - 2009
Three-level ac–dc–ac z-source converter using reduced passive component count - 2009
Digital combination of buck and boost converters to control a positive buck–boost converter and improve the output transients - 2009
Simulation of optimal medium-term hydro-thermal system operation by grid computing - 2009
An integrated approach for optimizing dynamic transfer limits at hydro-quebec - 2009
A filtering technique for three-phase power systems - 2009
An adaptive controller for the shunt active filter considering a dynamic load and the line impedance - 2009
Selection of optimal location and size of multiple distributed generations by using kalman filter algorithm - 2009
Bewley diagrams revisited via visualization - 2009
An improved upfc control for oscillation damping - 2009
A wide-band multi-port system equivalent for real-time digital power system simulators - 2009
Frequency - adaptive power system modeling for multi - scale simulation of transients - 2009
A pso method with nonlinear time-varying evolution for optimal design of harmonic filters – 2009
A study on gait-based gender classification - 2009
Subjective evaluation of spatial resolution and quantization noise tradeoffs - 2009
A no –reference objective im age sharpness metric based on the notion of just noticeable blur (jnb) - 2009
Histogram thresholding using fuzzy aad rough measures of association error - 2009
On color texture normalization for active appearance models - 2009
Local features for enhancement and minutiae extraction in fingerprints - 2008
A fast method for automated detection of blood vessels and lesions in retinal images - 2009
Segmentation by fusion of histogram-based k-means clusters in different color spaces - 2009
Estimation of multiple, time-varying motions using time-frequency representations and moving-objects segmentation - 2009
Joint exact histogram specification and image enhancement through the wavelet transform - 2009
Optic disc detection from normalized digitial fundus image by means of vessels direction matched filter - 2009
Demosaicing of color filter array captured images using gradient edge detection masks and adaptive heterogeneity-projection - 2009
Enhancement of color images by scaling the dct coefficients – 2008
Fingerprint enhancement and recognition using back propagation algorithm - 2008
Design of digital bilateral filter for image diffusion - 2009
Digital image steganography in spatial & frequency domain - 2008
Upper surface of the diaphragm estimate using 3d ct images - 2008
Digital image watermarking & recovery of the secret image - 2008
Partial volume segmentation in the mr image of brain - 2008
Automatic exudates detection from the eyes of diabetic patients - 2008
Image retrieval using color, texture and shape - 2008
Face detection using adaboost algorithm - 2008
Color image segmentation - 2008
Dsp based audio signal processing
Dsp based number plate recognition
Dsp based power spectrum estimation
Dtmf generation & detection – adaptive channel equalizer
Ecg monitoring & analysis
Estimation of energy using subband coding
Face recognition using eigen images
Fetal heart rate estimation using intrauterine ecg signal
Finger print time attendance cum access control system
Fir filter design and implementation
Fsk modulation & demodulation
Heart beat analysis using wavelet transform
Image compression using back propagation algorithm – ann
Information - hiding system using images – stegnography
Wavelets - real time identification of power system transients
Radio telemetry design & implementation
Speech encryption and decryption
Speech recognition - adpcm implementation
Spread spectrum analysis
Speech compression & decompression using adaptive differential pulse code modulation
Exploring sound effects system in dsp application
Coding & compressing of speech signals using linear predictive coding
Compression of image using windowing technique using wavelet system
Verification & identification in biometric application
Concealing and recovering a text file from an image
Segmenting and storing .wav file format
Compressing an image by varying the degree of lossiness
Implementation of fourier wavelet in image compression
Image compression using wavelet transforms
Time frequency analysis
Doppler effect for a moving observer verification & analysis
Edge detection, thresholding and extracting color from an image
Implementation of adaptive channel equalizer using lms algorithm
Extracting target from an image, blurring and beblurring the target
Image reconstruction using neural networks
Detection of colors in the corner of an image and conversion of a color image to grayscale image
A novel approach to speech signal synthesis
Voice speech and music features extraction and classification system and spectral analysis
Significant chord classification system in a static and dynamic audio signal
Realization of room acoustical sound and vibration
Sequential jpeg codec
Median filtering in constant time

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