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Saturday, September 17, 2011



1. Electronic Assisted hydraulic breaking system
2. Fabrication of Pneumatic Auto feed Bottle washing Machine
3. Fabrication of Abrasive Jet Machine
4. Combined hydraulic and disk break system
5. Automatic paint spraying Equipment
6. Automatic pneumatic vice and jack
7. Fabrication of Pneumatic automatic Vegetable Cutting Machine
8. Fabrication of Pneumatic punch die
9. Automatic pneumatic welding machine
10. Fabrication of three axis pneumatic Modern Trailer
11. Fabrication of hydro coupling mechanism
12. Automatic pneumatic Spring End Grinding Machine
13. Fabrication of automatic Multi-purpose press
14. Fabrication of Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System
15. Fabrication of Pneumatic 4-axis JCB Equipment
16. Automatic sensor based wall painting robot
17. Automatic Pneumatic Paper cup folding Machine
18. Automatic bar feeding mechanism for hack saw machine
19. Fabrication of hydraulic revolving multi-purpose trailer
20. Automatic Pneumatic Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine
21. Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Hammer
22. Automatic Paint marking machine for sprocket manufacturing industries
23. Automatic Pneumatic Welding Robot
24. Fabrication Pneumatic Operated Automatic differential unit locking System
25. Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
26. Fabrication of Pneumatic Operated Automatic packing Control Machine
27. Fabrication of Hydraulic Pallet Truck
28. Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Chapathi making machine
29. Fabrication of Pneumatic Auto gear changer
30. Fabrication of automatic pneumatic reciprocating grinding machine
31. Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Jack
32. Fabrication of Pneumatic Belt Conveyor
33. Fabrication of Hydraulic oil pump testing Equipment
34. Fabrication of Hydraulic Break show Riveting Machine
35. Fabrication of mirror cutting machine by using compressed air
36. Auto Indexing gear cutting attachment for pneumatic shaping Machine
37. Fabrication of Hydraulic Ladder
38. Highways high speed indication and Automatic Pneumatic Braking System
39. Remote controlled paint spraying Robot
40. Quick Lifting Hydraulic jack with gear arrangement
41. Fabrication of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
42. Fabrication of Remote Operated Belt Conveyor
43. Fabrication of Motorized Hydraulic Jack
44. Fabrication of Hydraulic Pressure Testing Pump
45. Fabrication of Hydraulic Puller for Automobile
46. Automatic Electro-Hydraulic Braking System for Four Wheeler
47. D & F of Pneumatic Multipurpose Press System
48. D & F of Automatic Pneumatic Ramming Machine
49. D & F of Pneumatic Four-Axis Material Handling Equipment
50. D & F of Pneumatic Auto feed Drilling Machine
51. Fabrication of Sticker Making Machine
52. Fabrication of PC based auto feed pneumatic vice
53. Fabrication of Motorized Zip Crane
54. Accident avoiding System for heavy Cutting Machine
55. Fabrication of Pneumatic Auto feed Metal Forming Machine
56. Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Shaping Machine
57. SMS controlled pneumatic Ramming Machine
58. Cell phone controlled pneumatic 4-Axis material Handling Equipment
59. Fabrication of CNC pneumatic packing control machine
60. Automatic Distance Measurement and Pneumatic Braking System By using Ultrasonic Waves
61. Pneumatic based Intelligent Active Suspension system for two wheeler
62. Pneumatic Auto feed Sheet Cutting Machine
63. Sensor Operated Auto feed Punching Machine
64. Fabrication of Pneumatic trainer kit with air compressor
65. Fabrication of Hydraulic Lift with Power pack
66. D & F of Pneumatic Vice
67. D & F of Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine
68. Fabrication of Hydraulic Hand Operated Bus Bar Bender
69. Fabrication of Pneumatic Mobile Crane
70. Fabrication of Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot
71. D & F of Hydraulic Scissor plat form Machine With Power Pack
72. D & F of Pneumatic Auto Feed Punching Machine
73. D & F of Mini Hydraulic Press
74. D & F of Pneumatic High Speed Hack Saw Machine
75. Fabrication of Intelligent Motorized Hydraulic jack
76. Fabrication of Pneumatic Cutting and Grinding Machine
77. Fabrication of Pneumatic Screw Driver Machine
78. Fabrication of Automatic Jack for Four Wheeler
79. Fabrication of Pneumatic Sander and Polisher Machine
80. Pneumatic Multipurpose Grinding Machine
81. Pneumatic 3/8-th inc Reversible Drilling Attachment
82. Fabrication of Pneumatic Belt Conveyor
83. Pneumatic Auto feed Reciprocating Water Pumping System
84. Electro-Hydraulic System for Automation
85. Pneumatic Operated Emergency Braking System (EBS)
86. Pneumatic Operated Intelligent Braking System (IBS)
87. Electro-Hydraulic System Based Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
88. Fabrication of Pneumatic Auto Feed Riveting Machine
89. Fabrication of Pneumatic Ball Printing Robot
90. Fabrication of Conveyer Operated Robot Hand Model
91. Fabrication of Paper Cup Making Machine
92. Pneumatic based automatic Pick and Place paint spraying Equipment
93. Pneumatic Auto feed lemon Cutting Machine
94. PC based Accident preventing system in Pneumatic cutting machine
95. Cell phone controlled pneumatic 4-Axis material Handling Equipment
96. Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Stand for two wheeler
97. D & F of Hydraulic Press with Power Pack
98. D & F of Pneumatic Injection Moulding Machine
99. Fabrication of Radial Plunger Pump
100. Fabrication of Auto feed pneumatic vice
101. Fabrication of Hydraulic Cylinder Liner Puller
102. Fabrication of Hydraulic Trolley Type Jack
103. D & F of Hydraulic Lift with Pressure Booster
104. D & F of Pneumatic Automatic Printing Press
105. Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Bottle Washing machine
106. Fabrication Pneumatic Leaf-Cup Making Machine
107. Sensor Operated Automatic Ramming Machine
108. Fabrication of Pneumatic Bending/Bend Removing Machine
109. D & F of Pneumatic Automatic punching and riveting Machine
110. D & F of Hydro-Pneumatic Vice with Pressure Booster
111. D & F of Pneumatic Bearing Press System
112. Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Hand Operated Zip Crane
113. Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Machine
114. Fabrication of Pneumatic Slotting Machine
115. Fabrication of Pneumatic Automatic sheet Cutting Machine
116. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine
117. Fabrication of CNC pneumatic punching machine
118. Fabrication of PC based pneumatic Ramming Machine
119. Fabrication of CNC Drilling Machine
120. Fabrication of Pneumatic Operated Inspection conveyor
121. Fabrication of Pneumatic operated Conveyor Automation
122. Fabrication of Automatic Reverse Braking System for Automobile
123. D & F of Hydraulic Scissor Lifter
124. D & F of Pneumatic reciprocating Hack saw Machine
125. Fabrication of Pneumatic Machining Time Reduction in shaping Machine
126. Fabrication of Automatic Electro hydraulic Jack
127. D & F of Automatic Pneumatic Riveting Machine
128. Electro hydraulic System for Automation in Vehicle
129. D & F of Automatic Lubrication System
130. D & F of Pneumatic Bearing Puller
131. Fabrication of Automatic Electro Hydraulic Braking System
132. Highways high Speed sensing and Automatic Pneumatic braking System
133. Pneumatic Auto indexing Drilling Machine
134. Accident Avoiding System for Punching Machine
135. Automatic Sensor Operated Pneumatic Braking System



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