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Monday, July 30, 2012

EPLC PLC SCADA HMI projects list 2012 - 2013

1 Design and research of embedded PLC development system  

2 A Web PLC Using Distributed Web Servers for Data Acquisition and Control:
Wed Based PLC 

3 First Fault Identification and Announcing system 

4 Programmable logic controllers used in collecting of metal packaging waste 

5 Programmable logic controllers used in electric drives of an intelligent building 

6 Genetic programming applied to programmable logic controllers programming 

7 PID implementation of heating tank in mini automation plant using
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) 

8 Variant-frequency fuzzy controller for air conditioning driver by programmable
logic controller 

9 Smart home gateway for smart grid 

10 An embedded PLC development for teaching in mechatronics education 

11 Modbus communication used in the machine of spark plug 

12 Power plant coal conveyer coal link PLC control system 

13 Trajectory Tracking of a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot with Kinematic
Disturbances: A Variable Structure Control Design 

14 Decentralized implementation approach of control synthesis of manufacturing

15 Research of Internet based supervisory control and information system 

16 Considerations in network and automation options for low-voltage motor control

17 To develop an embedded controller for stepping motor drive system 

18 A digraph model for risk identification and management in SCADA systems 

19 Development of Smart Devices for Secure Communication in the SCADA

20 Industrial fault detection using Inductive Power transfer - IPT 

21 Water distribution network real-time simulation based on SCADA system using
OPC communication 

22 PLC-based SCADA system for oil storage and application 

23 Communication Infrastructures for Distributed Control of Power Distribution
Networks EPLC23
24 Automated Farming techniques for Agricultural fields 

25 Automated urban drinking water supply control and water theft identification

26 SCADA based College automation system 

27 Design and implementation of real time pollution free autonomous vehicle for
harvesting on VI platform 

28 A novel algorithm for sudden cardiac death risk estimation using Lab VIEW 

29 Multifunction iLab implemented laboratory 

30 Assimilation of Wireless Sensor Networks and remote microcomputer

31 The Real-time Temperature Measuring System for the Jointless Rail

32 Implementation of a industrial process control using Embedded PLC with VI
based SCADA 

33 An HyDCS architecture implementation using E-PLC and Embedded systems 

34 PLC based intelligent universal drive for stepper motors. 

35 PID controller for industries based on low cost soft PLCs. 

36 Agricultural commodity vending machine for departmental stores using PLC.

37 SCADA system for turbine speed control and management in power plants 

38 Boiler temperature and control system for management using SCADA 

39 SCADA systems for distribution and substation automation 

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