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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Projects of Final Year Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Students 2013

List of Projects of Final Year Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Students

1.Fabrication of a Gear Rolling Machine for Spur/ Helical Gear.

2.Supply Chain Quality Management.

3. Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Jack.

4. Design of Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly HVAC System for Green Residential/Commercial Buildings.

5. Design an Energy Efficient Multi-product Cold Storage with different capacities with Green Cold Chain Tech.

6. “Green Cycle” – A Solar Power Driven Cycle.

7. Fabrication of Dust Collector & Abrasive Flow Rate Control Unit in a Abrasive Jet Machine and Testing it with changes in different Process Parameters.

8. Design and Analysis of Blank Die Tool

9. Wonder Cycle – Conversion of an Ordinary Bicycle into a Bicycle powered by Mixi Grinder Implement.

10. To Fabricate a Six Degree of Freedom Parallel Manipulator using the concept of Inverse Kinematics

11.Design, Fabrication and Testing a Bicycle running on water and land.

12. Fabrication of a Test Rig to calculate damping co-efficient of Shock Absorber.

13. CFD Analysis on Aerofoil

14. An Engine driven by compressed air

15. Fabrication of Four-wheel Steering

16.“ROVER” ( Remotely Operated Vehicle for Extraction & Reconnaissance)

17. Performance Analysis of Variable Compression Ratio Engine using CNG

19. CFD Analysis of Winglet on Fins

20.Performance Analysis of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Test Rig with suitable Eco-friendly alternative Refrigerant.

21.Impact of Projectile on Aluminium Beams

22.Performance Analysis of Variable Compression Ratio Engine using Diesel

23. Development of Regenerative Braking System.

24. Solar Collector and Solar Refrigeration System Chakraborty

25. Continuous Variable Transmission

26. Design and Fabrication of Injector Cleaning Rig

27. Self balancing personal Transporter

28. Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Engine Valve Port

29. Design and Fabrication of Jigs and Fixtures

30. Study of Aerodynamics of Car by Computational Fluid Dynamics

31. Model of Steer-by-wire, adaptive head lamps and automatic wipers

32. Use of Isolator to reduce the vibration of unbalanced shaft

33. Study of Cooling Tower

34. Hydraulic Regenerative Braking System

35. Automated Conveyor System for Counting and Sorting.

36. Designing and Fabrication of F1 Car


  1. Thanks for sharing the project list here. I found very useful. Among the projects listed, i found Solar Collector and Solar Refrigeration System Chakraborty Project interesting to implement. I read that Solar collector absorbs sunlight from which it captures solar radiation. Energy thus captured will be in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Solar collector is also known as solar hot water panel. It’s an important component used in this project.