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Friday, April 26, 2013

New Android Application Project List 2018

New Android Project List 2018

  •     Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data
  •     Optimal Stochastic Location Updates In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  •     Learning Semi-Riemannian Metrics For Semi Supervised Feature Extraction
  •     Secure And Practical Outsourcing Of Linear Programming In Cloud Computing
  •     Monitoring Service Systems From A Language-Action Perspective
  •     A Privacy-Preserving Location Monitoring System For Wireless Sensor Networks
  •     Efficient Multi-Dimensional Fuzzy Search For Personal Information Management Systems
  •     Dynamic Audit Services For Integrity Verification Of Outsourced Storages In Clouds
  •     Jamming-Aware Traffic Allocation For Multiple-Path Routing Using Portfolio Selection
  •     Supporting Efficient And Scalable Multicasting Over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  Android Application Project List

  •     Android Meets Led Bulbs In Smart-Home Automation.
  •     Dynamic Google Remote Data Collection
  •     Extended Mobile Captcha Implementation
  •     Android Event Scheduler/Reminder Application
  •     Organization Business Communication & Plannings Through Mobile Remote Server
  •     Quantitative And Qualitative Mobile Data Collection
  •     The Application Protecter For Mobile Manual Security
  •     Bluetooth Chating On Android.
  •     Development Of Android Robot Car Using Accelerometer Sensors.
  •     Model And Implementation Of Robotic Arm Using Android.
  •     Office Automation Based On Android.
  •     Development Of Android Robot Helicopter Using Accelerometer Sensors.
  •     Planning And Development Of An Electronic Health Record Client Baseddon The Android Platform.
  •     Location Tracking Using Sms Based On Androdid Mobile.
  •     Android On Mobile Devices:An Energy Perspective.
  •     Development Of Human Andro System.
  •     Android Phone Based Drunk And Drive Detection.
  •     Pedometer An Android Application.


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