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Friday, April 26, 2013

ECE Final Final Year College projects list 2013

ECE Final Final Year College projects list 2013

  • Radar Velocity-measuring System Design and high speed alert intimation
    through SMS
  • Design and development of Touch screen Mobile phone using Modem, Graphical LCD,
    Buzzer and Touch Screen based keypad.
  • Design and construction of MEMS based tilt operated touch free mobile phone.
  • Wireless Fingerprint ACCESS CONTROL System Based on ZigBee Technology
  • Construction of Intelligent mobile phone with GPS enabled features.
  • Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation water pumps. Cost effective method
    to control entire villager’s water pumps with user level authentication. Illiterate’s
    friendly system.
  • Voice operated intelligent Lift or Elevator
  • Automatic geo-positioning and SMS alerts on road traffic density.
  • Finger print and keypad based security access control system.
  • Wheel chair movement control using tongue
  • GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation management
  • Obstacle Avoidance and Manhole detection Electronic travel aid Robot for
  • Graphical LCD and memory stick based tilt operated Textbook reading system
  • Head movement based voice enabled wireless device switching for physically
  • Touch screen and Zigbee based wireless communication assistant for Dumb and
    illiterates in Airlines
  • Missile detection and auto destroy system
  • Zigbee based wireless Voice to Text translator in Airlines/Hospital assistant system for
  • Wireless GPS travel location data logger using Bluetooth/Zigbee.
  • Voice actuated hospital bed control system and Heart Beat monitoring and alerting
  •  Bluetooth based advanced wireless home automation system.
  • Android Smart Phone operated Intelligent Home.
  • Intelligent train security system and auto controlling.
  • Smart Card and GPS based automatic bus ticketing system for traveled distance.
  • RFID and GSM based intelligent courier mailbox system with automatic delivery
  • Construction of Smart mobile phone with driving mode selection to avoid accidents.
  • Cardiac Sentinel: A smart GSM based embedded solution for continuous remote
    monitoring of cardiac patients.
  • GPS and GSM based Real-time Human Health Monitoring and Alert System for
    Cardiac patients.
  • Touch screen based advanced menu display and Ordering System for Restaurants.
  • Touch screen and Zigbee based advanced automation system for next generation
  •  Advanced Vehicle Security System with Theft control and Accident Notification.
  • GPS based vehicle travel location data logger with 2GB MMC/SD Memory card.
  • Speech recognition based password enabled device switching for blind and physically
  • Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged.
  • Bluetooth Energy Meter.
  • Google Android Smart phone operated Motor Control System.
  • Android operated Intelligent 230v AC Lamp Dimmer.
  •  Smart phone based data logger
  • MEMS Accelerometer controlled PC.
  • Bluetooth based security enabled powered devices control system.
  • Wearable Technology based secure access control system with motion based password.
  • Speech recognition based wheel chair operation and wireless home devices control
  • Voice activated multi purpose robot


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