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Friday, April 26, 2013

Speech recognition system projects For Final year College Students 2013

Speech recognition system projects For Final year College Students 2013

  •  Voice operated intelligent Lift or Elevator
  • Voice actuated hospital bed control system. Very useful in operation of selected bed
    movements and room environment functions associated with a provided multi-function
    hospital bed
  • Zigbee based wireless Voice to Text translator in Airlines/Hospital assistant system for
  • Speech recognition based password enabled device switching for blind and physically
  • Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged.
  • Speech recognition based wheel chair operation and wireless home devices control
  • Voice activated multi purpose robot
  • Voice recognition and voice guidance based GPS turn-by-turn navigator for blind with
    ultrasonic obstacle avoidance.
  • Voice enable device switching for physically challenged and emergency alerts through
  • Speech recognition system based powered devices control system


  1. Speech recognition system is an automated phone system. This is done with technology named interactive voice response(IVR). People with disabilities can use speech recognition software to perform their task without any inconvenience. This technique is used in applications such as routing, speech-to-text, voice dialing and voice search.

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