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Friday, April 26, 2013



  • Innovative Congestion Control System for Ambulance Using ZIGBEE
  •  Zigbee based wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receiver.
  • Zigbee device access control and reliable data transmission in Zigbee based health
    monitoring system.
  •  Two-way Wireless Data Messaging System for Rural Areas using ZigBee Technology.
  •  Wireless Digital Camera Controller. Using this project the digital camera can be
    controlled remotely using RF Transmitter and Receiver. The controls include taking
    picture snaps, switching on the flash light, changing camera direction using stepper
    motor etc
  • Wearable technology for wireless gadgets control
  •  Cost Effective Wireless Attendance and Access Control System
  • Remote home monitoring through internet and controlling using RF.
  • Wireless vibration monitoring system of industrial equipments (Also useful for bridges
  • Implementation of wireless sensors network for Wild Fire monitoring system.
  • Radio Frequency wireless remote controlled digital camera with high power LED
    based focusing light. The camera direction can be controlled remotely and the video
    images can bed seen live on TV
  • A Novel Wireless Self-powered Microcontroller-based Monitoring Circuit for
    Photovoltaic Panels in Grid-connected Systems
  •  Wireless Temperature Sensor Integrated Circuits
  • Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system
  • Development of Zigbee based Street Light
  •  Train automation using RF with voice announciator for the stations
  • Employee login and logout details with displayed on PC based on RF.
  • Checking & Auto Control Water Level Using Wireless Sensor.
  • Wireless 3 Phase Motor Starter using RF Technology with feedback indicators.
  • Accident identification project using RF.
  • Finding of missing object based on RF technology.
  • Microcontroller based Wireless matchbox with digital lantern.
  • Virtual wireless dancing bells for classical dancers.
  • Child/Blind tracking system & alerts to our hand held device.
  • Home security system Based on wireless RF technology
  • Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF Communication.
  • TV Remote Controlled PC and Devices with Password protection

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