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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CAD / CAM / CAE , CAE - Thermal Project 2014



Thermal and structural analysis of vented and normal disc brake rotors
Experimental investigation of the performance and emission characteristics of CI engine fuelled with CNG
Steady-state thermal stress analysis of gearbox casing by finite element method [journals]
Numerical simulation of shell-and-tube heat exchanger header for uniform distribution among tubes
Micro wind turbines technology
Theoretical study of heat transfer and friction in solar air heater duct with ribbed roughness on the absorber plate
3D Thermal Analysis of Liquid Propellant Rocket with Bell Nozzle
Effects of preheating on injection system
Design & Analysis of Fins with Various Configurations
An experimental investigation on performance and emission characteristics of low heat rejection diesel engine fuelled by jatropha biodiesel
Fuel cell technology and hydrogen-energy of the future
Hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles
Thermal analysis of oil sump in automobiles
Heat transfer enhancement techniques
Cladding process simulation and residual stress estimation using finite element coupled field analysis
Determination of thermal conductivity and vibration analysis of areca fiber and maize powder reinforced PF composites
Static & Thermal Analysis of Radial Three Cylinder Engine
Effect of producer gas and air mixture quality on the performance of producer gas-biodiesel operated dual fuel engines
Analysis of Active Noise Control on a Load Vehicle Using FEA Techniques
Study of steam condensation in the mini channel heat exchanger
Thermal analysis sheet metal during ultrasonic welding
Performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine operating on honne oil and its blends
Analysis of Solar operated pesticide sprayer
Analysis of Fuel energizer
Thermal analysis of Heat pipes and its applications
Numerical analysis of natural convection through vertical porous annulus with discrete heating
Advances in boiler (steam generation) engineering and their impact on Indian power plants
Technology transfer for Indian wind power sector
Analysis of Tobacco seed oil as an alternative fuel for low heat rejection engine
Thermal analysis of steam turbine
Thermal analysis of cylinder head gasket

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