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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CAD / CAM / CAE CFD-Analysis Project 2014


CFD analysis of economizer in a tangential fired boiler [journals]
CFD analysis and comparison of vertical ribbed tube with smooth tube
A CFD-based analysis of the 14-bis aircraft aerodynamics and stability
CFD analysis of gas flow behavior in economizer duct
Combined aerodynamic and structural optimization of a high-speed civil transport wing
Fluid flow and temperature distribution in radiators used in automobiles
Analysis of cyclone dust collector air flow
Finite Element Analysis of Bus Body Structure
Aero thermodynamic Analysis of a Generic Reentry Capsule with Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator [journals]
CFD analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger with fins for waste heat recovery applications
A theoretical analysis and CFD simulation on the ceramic monolith heat exchanger
CFD analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger without fins for waste heat recovery applications
Analysis of Water flow for Laminar & Turbulent Flow in Conventional Water Tap
Design Animation & Analysis of oscillating Ball Throwing Machine
CFD Investigation of Airflow on a SANTRO Zing Car by Using Fluent
Numerical Analysis of Bat-Ball Collision Performance in Cricket [journals]
Computational analysis for heat transfer through fins with different types of notches
CFD analysis of rocket nozzle
CFD simulation of injection mixer for CNG engines
CFD analysis of supersonic exhaust in a scramjet engine
Design and validation of pressure compensated flow control valve with bypass check valve for oil hydraulic applications
Computational estimation and RANS simulation Of free surface flow around a ship hull
Aerodynamic Design for Bus
Computational Estimation And RANS Simulation of Free Surface Flow Around A Ship Hull [journals]
Performance analysis of centrifugal pumps impeller of various designs and validation of result by CFD
Design animation & analysis of oscillating ball throwing machine
Aerodynamic Design for Cars

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