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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CAD / CAM / CAE International Journals Paper Project 2018


Countrywide Positioning of Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems using Risk Analysis and Geographical Information System
Risk Analysis Methodology for Road Tunnels and Alternative Routes
Modeling Metal cutting Parameters Using Intelligent Techniques
A Six Sigma Approach for Software Process Improvements and its Implementation
Aggressive Path Control of a Mini Quad rotor with Static Obstacle Avoidance using Back stepping
An Automation of Electricity Usage Reading on Postpaid kWh Meter using Kohonen-Type Artificial Neural Network
Analysis of Regenerative Power Cycle Utilizing Low-Grade Heat Source and LNG Cold Energy
Analysis of Thermal Spray Coating Powder to Enhance Hardness Using Taguchi And ANOVA Technique
Cold Roll Forming of Circular Tube Section for Wrought Magnesium Alloy Sheet
Crucial Factors of Human Resource Management for Good Employee Relations: A Case Study
Effect of double cold expansion on the fatigue life of rivet hole
Effect of Drilling Parameters on hole Quality
Effect of Fiber Orientation for Fiber Glass Reinforced Composite Material on Mechanical Properties
Effect of the Initial Shape of L-angle Member into Bending Properties on Push-Through Bending of Aluminum Extrusion Section
General Form of the Stiffness Matrix of a Tapered Beam-column
Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem subject to Cumulative Resources
Genetic algorithms for Uncertain Pricing- Inventory Models with Multiple Interdependent Products
Influence Analysis of Fluid Flow Conditions on the Efficiency of Solar Flat Plate Collectors
Mechanical Properties of Micro and Nano TiO2/Epoxy Composites
Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Grinding Process of Zirconia (ZrO2) Engineering Ceramic
Optimization of Surface Roughness during Hard Machining of Hard Chrome Plated Surfaces on EN24 Base Substrate
Optimization of the Contact Force of an Impacted Glass/Polyester Composite Plate
Overcut on Electrochemical Machining of Brass
Mechanical and Optical Properties of Poly Lactic Acid Modified Linear- Low Density Polyethylene / Low Density Polyethylene (Lldpe/Ldpe) Blend Blown Film
Analysis of One Dimensional Inverse Heat Conduction Problem
Transient Analysis of Disk Brake By using ANSYS Software
Comparative analysis of velocity measurements in ducted axial fan
Programmable Stopping Device Design for Sled Test
Experimental Investigation to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Air and Co2 in Impingement Cooling of Electronic Equipment
Design and Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring
GPS Vehicle Theft Tracking and Identification Control System
Analysis of Distortion Parameters of Eight node Serendipity Element on the Elements Performance
Mechanical Behavior of Polypropylene And Human Hair Fibers And Polypropylene Reinforced Polymeric Composites
Design and Analysis of Water Motor Vehicle with Electrolysis Process
Prediction of Parametric Influence on Thrust Force in Drilling of Wood Composite Panels
Prediction of Site Groundwater Rating (SGR) for Amirkabir Tunnel Using Artificial Neural Networks
Process Simulation and Improvement of Automotive Paint Shop
Production and Properties of Silicon Carbide Particles Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Composites
Risk Prioritization Based on Health
Simultaneous optimal selection of design and manufacturing tolerances for Knuckle joint using SA-PS algorithm
Simultaneous Optimization of Tolerances for Prismatic Part Assembly in Different Stack up Conditions
Study of Mechanical Properties
Study the Effect of Using Offset Strip Fin Heat Exchanger on the Efficiency of Combined Gas Turbine with Air Bottom Cycle
Study the Interface Shape of Tooling and Work Piece Contact During a Flow Forming Operation
Synthesis and Structural Analyses of Lithium Hydrogen Phthalate Dihydrate (LHP) Single Crystals
The Enhancement of Solar Distillation using Image Processing and Neural Network Sun Tracking System
The Multi-Item Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problem With Safety Stocks In Closed-Loop Supply Chain

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