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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Study and analysis of aircraft fuselage body structure by using composite material
Design and analysis of electric horn in automobiles
Design and analysis of machine tool spindle
Design and analysis of rocker arm
Design & Analysis with Simulation of Three Axis Hydraulic Modern Trailer
Performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine running on methyl ester of palm oil /diesel fuel blend emissions
Design & Analysis of Reverse Differential Locking System
Design & Analysis of Composite over bridge coupling
Developing a mathematical model to evaluate micro-hardness of al7075/al2o3 composites produced by stir-casting
Mathematical Modeling and process parameters optimization for surface roughness in EDM for EN31 material by response surface methodology
Dual Brake System Modeling & Analysis in Heat Trucks
Analysis of mechanical and metallurgical properties of alsicp composites
Fatigue Analysis of Composite rod (Carbon Glass Fiber Epoxy Resin)
Modeling and simulation of automobile braking system
An electrical arrangement of wind energy with induction generator to represent the current status of power generation
Design & Analysis of Belt Drive Conveyer
Modal Analysis and Design Optimization on Wheel Rim
Porous pivoted slider bearings lubricated with a couple stress fluid in case of slip velocity
Design & Analysis with Simulation of Three Axis Modern Trailer (Hydraulics)
Modeling of zenith carburetor
Flow simulation and characterization of Aluminium forgings conforming to AA 6061 specification
Synthesis, characterization and dc conductivity of znfe2o4 doped polyaniline composites
Experimental studies of performance and emission testing on diesel engine by using thevetia oil and its blends
Interference Fit Analysis of a Centrifugal Pump Impeller with Hub under Centrifugation using FEA Methods
Animation& Analysis of Mono Wheel Vehicle (Static & Vibration Analysis)
Analysis and optimization of connecting rod
Modeling and simulation of single arm robot
Fabrication of an effective induction motor for photovoltaic pumping
Design and Analysis of Piston by Composite Materials
Modeling, Animation & Analysis of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System with Power Generation
Design & analysis of domestic windmill blades
Analysis of Drum brake
design & analysis stir casting facilities using metal material composite
Deflection analysis of an elastomeric pad
Modeling & structural analysis of rear axle casing of tractor
Effect of aerodynamic force on aircraft body
Effect of piston configuration in four stroke engine
Modeling & structural analysis of camshaft of locomotives
Design and Analysis of XL Mill CNC Machining Centre Bed Using Composite Material
Static and Vibration Analyzing Shock Absorber Power Generation Using Piezo Electric
Design and simulation of a rotary power steering system
Design & Analysis of Helical Spring with Shock Absorber
Animation & Analysis Of Eddy Current Braking
Modeling and analysis of automobile drum brake return spring
Design of 5-axis servo-controlled pipe bending machine
Design & Analysis of impeller with Fabrication
Modeling and analysis of automobile chassis brackets
Design and analysis of flange coupling in power transmission
Performance of a diesel engine (semi-adiabatic) with hongs and its methyl ester as substitute fuel
Design and construction of engine in aircraft
Dimension analysis of a conveyor
Design, Animation & Analysis of Disappearing Car Door (Vertically Sliding)
Design & Analysis of Press Tool
Design and construction of aircraft gas Turbine engine
Design & Analysis of Ventilated & Slotted Disc Brake
Basic fuel properties of Mahua oil-alcohol-diesel Blends
FEA Study on Vibration Analysis of Tapper Roller Bearing
Performance and emission comparisons of a retrofitted spark ignition scooter engine fuelled with gasoline and CNG
Design & Analysis of Wind Car
Design and development of vacuum floor cleaner with dryer
Design and Analysis of Composite Spur Gear
Effect of injection pressure on induced turbulence combustion in Jatropha (biodiesel) fuelled CI engine
Analysis of Electro Magnetic Suspension System
Analysis function of a bicycle frame
Behavior of metal inert gas welded Aluminium alloy AA 5083
Stress Analysis of Washing Machine Drum
Design and systematic analysis of telescopic shock absorber
Biodiesel fuel properties, standard specifications and their test methods
Case study: use of advanced tools in diagnosing ball mill 2 girth gear problem at JSW steel plant
Design & Analysis of Quick Lifting Jack with Gear Arrangement
Design & Analysis of Aluminium & Copper Connecting Rod Composite Material
Design and development of roller one way clutch for two wheeler application
Single input & three output differential gear system
Design and construction of supersonic aircraft
Minimize the make span time of automated guided vehicle with the help of flexible manufacturing system
Design & development and analysis of shaft coupling for cooling water pumps
Role of ferrography in addressing tribological threats in integrated steel
Design & analysis of crane hook assembly
Digital prototyping: cad application to bio medical modeling
Design and Analysis of Break Pad Using Carbonized Coconut Char with Epoxy Resin with model
Mathematical modeling and parameter optimization for CNC turning for material removal rate of 16mncr5 alloy steel by taguchi method
Herb Thermic Fluid as Coolant for Engines
Designing & analyzing of thermosyphon solar air conditioning & refrigeration System
Designing an automated image analysis system to control the metallurgical parameters and mechanical properties of ductile cast iron
Design, Animation & Analysis Of Turbo Air conditioner
Powerful tool to improve productivity
Billet shape optimization for minimum forging load using fem analysis
Design and Stress Analysis on Metal Matrix Composite Connecting Rod
A review on oscillating heat pipe
Dual brake system modeling & analysis in Heavy duty automobiles
Stress analysis of helical straight bevel gear
Finite Element Analysis of Alsicp Composite Poppet Valve Guides
Animation & Analysis of Electricity production mechanical system
Experimental investigation for the selection of optimum values of process parameters for surface roughness for material 16mncr5 in CNC turning.
Experimental study of wear test & analysis on polymer materials compared with SS 316l used as biomaterial
Design & Analysis of Electro Magnetic Engine
Structural & Thermal Analysis of Disc Brake with and Without Cross Drilled Rotor of a Race Car
Finite element analysis of the classic bicycle wheel
Structural Analysis of Rivet Joint
Design and analysis of leaf spring in heavy truck
Experimental investigation of performance and emission characteristics of diesel and transesterified cotton seed oil blends in CI engine
Design& analysis of cam shaft in automobiles
Automation of milling machine using electro pneumatic system
Crack & Stress Analysis of Helical Compressed Spring
Design and analysis of turbine
Vibration Analysis in Leaf Spring
Design & Analysis of Composite Piston (Also Fabricate With Proposed Material)
Design & Analysis (Static Fatigue) of Special Purpose Lifting Equipment
Productivity enhancement of converter campaign repair works by introducing cooling cum dehumidification system in steel melting shop at JSW steel ltd
Design and Analysis of Cam & Cam less (PLC) Engine
Design & Analysis of Lightening Struck Production on Composite Aircraft
Investigation on supply chain activities in the manufacturing firms of India
Improvements in wear resistance of ti-6al-4v alloy by thermal oxidation process
Design & Fatigue Analysis of Brake Pedal
Design and analysis of automobile frame
Comparative studies on the sensitivity of Piezo resistive pressure sensor
Supply chains of SMES: an overview
Design & Analysis of Windmill Blade by Composite Material
Experimental investigation of friction stirs welding of Aluminium aa6061 alloy joints testing
Harmonic analysis of diaphragm used in microphone
Design optimization of flywheel
Analysis of Engine Valve Guide
Analysis of shaft in cooling pump system
Design, Animation & analysis of mechanical locking system for fuel flap.
Effect of ferrite phase on the volumetric wear rate of plain carbon steel
Basic working simulation of automobile engine using solid works software
Effect of microorganisms on concrete structure
Integration of cad, cam and Capp through step
Emerging technology, waste treatment, renewal energy and reduction of green house gas emission
Analysis of triangular air compressor with common combustion chamber
An Indian initiative for energy management: energy conservation act and energy auditing
Sisal/coconut coir natural fibers - epoxy composites: water absorption and mechanical properties
Recent trends and future potential of natural fibber reinforced composite materials
Analysis of CNG-air mixer to improve the mixing quality for better performance of CNG-diesel engine
Design & Analysis of Coil Spring
Design and analysis of butterfly valve
Impact Analysis on Front Sub Frame System Using Composite Material
Study on enhanced pedestrian safety for Optimized Front Rail System
Design and Analysis of Water Fuel Engine (Petrol & Hydrogen)
Design & Analysis of Composite Gear Box
Mechanical properties of al/frit and al/beryl metal matrix composites
Design & Analysis of Rotor Blade
Industrial oxygen production by cryogenic air separation and its use in gasification process
Design & Analysis of Bullet Proof Using Graphene & SWNT (Impact Loading)
Aerodynamic interference effects on tilting prop rotor
Aerodynamic & aero acoustic design of a silent aircraft
Analysis of Material Handling
Design and Analysis of Rectangular Fin (Free & Forced Connection)
Rapid manufacturing of in vivo devices using bio-materials
Design and analysis of hydraulic jack for lifting light vehicles
Reducing the war page of plastic component by using taguchi optimization technique, gate location and direction of polishing on core and cavity
Design modification and analysis of two wheeler cooling pins
Analysis and design modification of motor cycle wheel spokes
Composite materials evaluation and analysis for friction damping application
Experimental investigation on the performance characteristics of a low heat rejection (LHr) CI engine using preheated Mahua oil
Design & Analysis of Composite Helical Gear
Some studies on effects of ball burnishing parameters on 60/40 Cu-Zn alloy using factorial design
Spray characterization of nozzle for fire extinguisher
Design & Analysis of Normal Fins
Design & Analysis of Popet Valve Using Composite Material
Response surface approach for process parameter optimization for MRR in EDM for AISI d2 material
Design & Analysis of Radiant Super Heater for an AFBC Boiler
PV module: series and parallel connection
Design of memes based oscillator
Analysis of Noise Reduction in Rotor Blade by Using Composite Material
Disc Break Analysis
Design & Vibration Analysis on Leaf Spring with Different Materials
Coupled structural and thermal analysis of a simple steel link
Optimization of surface finish in turning operation using touchy method
Design for production in multi-enterprise partnership environment
Optimization of process parameters of resistance spot welding using taguchi method
Modification of laser welding terminology and processes required for different laser welding on dissimilar material
Design & Analysis of Assistive Limb technology for Physically Challenged People

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