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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Biomedical / Biometrics Projects list 2012 - 2013

1 Aid for Deaf and Dumb people in recognising and making Speeches 

2 Biometric attendance system 

3 Determination of a Patient's Speed and Stride Length Minimizing Hardware Requirements 

4 Web-based real-time remote monitoring for pervasive healthcare 

5 Wearable Interrupter Module for Home-Based Applications in a Telemedical System Dedicated to Respiratory Mechanics Measurements 

6 Design of ECG acquisition and transmission via Bluetooth with heart disease diagnosis 

7 Towards accelerometry based static posture identification 

8 Applications of wireless sensors in medicine 

9 Sensors-based Wearable Systems for Monitoring of Human Movement and Falls 

10 A telemedicine instrument for Internet-based home monitoring of thoracoabdominal motion in patients with respiratory diseases 

11 Wireless breathing system for long term telemonitoring of respiratory activity 

12 Virtual Remote Nursing system 

13 Wireless Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring System Using ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 Standard 

14 Wheelchair pressure monitoring alert system for the reduction of the occurrence of pressure sores 

15 alcohol detection and prevention 

16 Textile moisture sensor matrix for monitoring of disabled and bed-rest patients 

17 A proposal of a Web-based computer-scored test assistance system for university education 

18 Glove input interface with switches on fingertips

19 Semiconductor speech synthesizers for handicapped pseudo speaking aid.

20 MEMS Based modality for versatile controls for multiple amputees.

21 Robotic system for isolated bank locker access using finger print recognition. 

22 Software voice recognition engine based versatile voice control system. 

23 Voice dialing system for intercoms in offices and industries 

24 Voice operated wheelchair prototype for handicapped mobility assistance.

25 Bio metric recognition system based digital voting machine 

26 Electronic library management system using finger print sensor 

27 Fingerprint prediction enabled passport authentication system 

28 High protection ATM system with finger print identification technology 

29 Voice recognition based wireless home automation system 

30 Voice activation system using acoustic event detection and keyword/speakerrecognition 

31 Attendance management and staff data automation using finger print in collegesand industries 

32 Biomedical Telemetry for soldiers in warfield 

33 Automated voice based home navigation system for the elderly and the physically challenged 

34 Human recognition through RFID: A distinct application of speech processing 35 Prescription Drug Abuse Control System  

36 Multimodal Input in the Car, Today and Tomorrow 

37 Aid for dumb people in making speeches using Advanced speech synthesizer

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