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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DSP DIP MATLAB Projects List 2012 - 2013

IEEE Projects in ‐ Embedded Systems | VLSI | DSP | DIP | Inst | MATLAB | Electrical

1 A DOST Based Approach for the Condition Monitoring of 11 kV Distribution Line Insulators

2 A Novel video tracking approach - Branch and Track 

3 A Triple-Key Chaotic Image Encryption Method 

4 An Automated System to Diagnose the Severity of Adult Depression 

5 An Indian Coin Recognition using Image Subtraction Technique

6 An Obstacle Detection and Avoidance of A Mobile Robot with Stereo Vision Camera 

7 Application of Non-Iterative Method in Digital Image Restoration 

8 Color Image Retrieval by Fusion of Color with Texture Optimization 

9 Cutting Tool Wear Measurement by Using Contour Based Image Processing 

10 Defects Detection of Cold-roll Steel Surface in Industry

11 Discrimination of Diseased Regions in Leaf images by Fuzzy C-Means Clustering 

12 Edge Detection Algorithm for Lung CT Image Analysis 

13 Extraction of facial features for the human facial gender classification 

14 Fuzzy Clustering in Geospatial Image Analysis 

15 Human Motion Detection in video Surveillance 

16 Hybrid Approach to Transmit a Secrete Image 

17 Image Processing Based Automatic Target-Scoring System for Military 

18 Image recognition of brain-stem ultrasound images using a neural network

19 Implementation of Fingerprint Recognition

20 Lane Tracking And Autonomous Cruise Control For Automatic Highway

21 License Plate Character Segmentation Algorithm based on Vetical Projection

22 Light Tracking System Using Machine Vision Technique

23 Modeling Realistic Contrast Maps from MRI Images for Microwave Breast
Cancer Detection

24 Multiple Size Region of Interest in Disparity Mapping for Stereo Vision

25 New Data Hiding Algorithm using Encrypted secret message

26 Phase Retrieval for Hard X-Ray Imaging Based on a Parallel Hybrid Genetic

27 prediction of coal ash based on image recognition and BPNN

28 Recognition of Bolt and Nut using ANN

29 Segmentation of Human Retinal Images for Sight Threatening Diseases

30 Structuring and Imaging for Road Sites in Urban Traffic Accident

31 The numerical conversion algorithm of cardiac electrophysiology image

32 Transform Domain Progressive Image Decoding

33 Desaturation of Digital Camera Images using chroma correlation

34 Face Recognition using Gabor Filters and Local Binary Patterns

35 Constant-brightness-plane based histogram equalization for color images

36 Image Contrast enhancement using histogram specification 

37 Human Iris localization using modified ellipse fitting

38 Image object segmentation and Region based Gamma mapping

39 Support Vector Machine based retinal blood vessel detection and classification for eye disease detection

40 Optic Disc detection using oriented line filter response for eye disease detection

41 Image Segmentation and classification for Highway Traffic Symbol recogntion

42 Wavelet domain Remote Sensing Satellite Image sharpening

43 Forest Detection and Enhancement of Remote Sensing Satellite Images

44 Combining Remote Sensing Satellite Images using Wavelet Planes

45 Color Image restoration from high concentration impulse noise

46 Lighting variation correction in Human Face Databases using Global and Local Face Features

47 Illumination invariant Human face recognition using transform domain magnitude correction

48 Robotic Scene Analysis based image enhancement

49 Binary data hiding based Biometric Authentication System

50 A highly secure steganographic scheme for medical and military images

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