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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Electrical Systems , Power Electronics, Special Machines Projects List 2012 - 2013

Electrical Systems ,  Power Electronics,  Special Machines Projects List 2012 -  2013
1 Electronic system for improvement of solar plant efficiency by optimized algorithm implemented in biaxial solar trackers 

2 Unbalanced Three-phase Optimal Power Flow for Smart Grids

3 An efficient home energy management system based on Automatic Meter Reading 

4 Innovative 3D integration of power MOSFETs for synchronous buck converters

5 Automatic changeover for 3 phase connections with data logger

6 Eye tracking based driver fatigue monitoring and warning system

7 A design of network remote control system

8 Temperature-controlling system based on TEC

9 Automatic Switching of consumer connection in distribution feeder for efficient load distribution

10 Maximum Power Point Tracking of Multiple Photovoltaic Arrays: A PSO Approach

11 Improvement of electric railway transportation protection systems using a relay based on fuzzy logic

12 A channel model for power line communication in the smart grid

13 Advanced Logistical Systems for the Maintenance of Overhead Distribution
Lines Through DCC With the Use of Laser Monitoring

14 Broken Conductor Detection for Overhead Line Distribution System

15 Line Losses Management System of Distribution Networks Based on Local Area

16 Solar Tracking system for Maximum power output with real time power
monitoring system

17 Power-line communication-based network architecture for LVDC distribution

18 The verification of data acquisition approach for new fault location method in medium voltage networks

19 A New Technique to Detect Faults in De-Energized Distribution Feeders—
Scheme and Asymmetrical Fault Detection

20 Smart metering and home automation solutions for the next decade

21 Energy economic analysis of PV based charging station at workplace parking garage

22 Design of an innovative transformer load management in taipower

23 A centralized monitoring and analysis system of transmission lines in mined-out area   power Transmission Online Monitoring System

25 Development of On-line monitoring system of substation power equipment based on IEEE1588 standard

26 Design of DCDC Boost Converter with FNN Solar Cell Maximum Power Point
Tracking Controller

27 A Novel Improved Variable Step-Size Incremental-Resistance MPPT Method for PV Systems

28 Design and realization of a photovoltaic system equipped with a digital MPPT control

29 MPPT control strategy for wind energy conversion system based on RBF

30 Simulation of MPPT control algorithm for photovoltaic cell based on Matlab

31 Embedded Power Manager for large industries and residential complexes

32 Wireless power transmission technologies for solar power satellite

33 Data Transfer using Flux in Inductive power transfer systems for high power

34 Maximum Demand Controller for Industries

35 Impact of green power generation on distribution systems in a smart grid

36 Analysis of the Distributed Generation System and the Influence on Power Loss

37 Power quality improvement of unbalanced power system with distributed
generation units

38 Power quality improvement of 1-Φ grid-connected PWM inverter using fuzzy with hysteresis current controller

39 Application of STATCOM for power quality improvement

40 Motor Multiparameter Monitoring System for fault prevention

41 Power quality improvement of unbalanced power system with distributed
generation units

42 Synchronised Measurement Technology for Analysis of Transmission Lines

43 Development of automatic line-tracking inspection device for high voltage
transmission lines based on ground control

44 Accurate location of phase-to-earth and phase-to-phase faults on power
transmission lines using two-end synchronized measurements

45 Transformer Load Sharing for efficiency improvement

46 Implementing single auto voltage source for multiple devices

47 Industrial DCS based on the X10 protocol using power line communication.

48 An CSMA/CD based PLCC network for machines monitoring and control

49 Home automation using power line networking and ZigBee remote control.

50 Predictive maintenance system using vibrat

51 Wide range speed control drive for DC Motors by controlling mean current
through PWM.

52 Fuzzy logic based embedded power manager

53 Fuzzy based elevator control for increased security and power management

54 Distribution grid transformers monitoring using GSM with forced cooling control system.

55 Closed loop bidirectional speed torque control of motors for heavy industrial  applications.

56 Remote sub station monitoring system using bidirectional power line

57 Automatic power failure indication system for domestic and commercial use.

58 Fuzzy logic based drive using DSP for DC and servo motors

59 Speed control of dc motor using DAC

60 Voice enabled speed control of dc motor

61 Transmission line multiple faults detection and indication to electricity board

62 Models for bearing damage detection in induction motors using stator current monitoring

63 Single board computer based RC servo drive for robotic arm control

64 Approach of an FPGA based adaptive stepper motor control system

65 Position Control of a Sensorless Stepper Motor

66 SVPWM control on 2-phased hybrid stepper motor

67 Stepper Motor Drive Control Based on MCU

68 RS-485 based multi axis motor controller

69 Position control system design based on LabVIEW

70 Simulation and realization of Steer-by-Wire system

71 Development of multi-axis stepper motion control system based on nios II

72 Design of a DSP controller and driver for the power-by-wire driving system with  BLDC servo motor pump

73 Power Generation system in Speed breakers and rail tracks

74 Humanoid robot system design based on DC reduction servo motor

75 Variable structure control for permanent magnet synchronous servo motor drive

76 Design of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo Systems Based on
Sliding-Mode Control

77 Human Eye Perception Based Power Saver For Industrial Units And Public

78 Artificial Neural Network-Based Controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo System

79 A Simple commutation method for PMBLDC motor used in speed servo system

80 Open loop V/f control of induction motor based on hybrid PWM with reduced
torque ripple

81 Magnetic Effects of DC Signal Injection on Induction Motors for Thermal
Evaluation of Stator Windings

82 Performance analysis of the sensorless induction motor drive system under
faulted conditions

83 Fault analysis of induction motor

84 Detection and Isolation of Speed-, DC-Link Voltage-, and Current-Sensor Faults Based on an Adaptive Observer in Induction-Motor Drives

85 Power theft identification system in distribution lines using differential power measurement

86 Application of fuzzy neural network in the speed control system of induction motor

87 Speed and Flux Control of Induction Motors Using Emotional Intelligent

88 Space Vector Modulation based Field Oriented Control scheme for Brushless
DC motors

89 A New Method for Sensorless Estimation of the Speed and Position in brushed DC Motors Using Support Vector Machines

90 Sliding Mode Speed Control of a DC Motor

91 DC Motor Speed Calculation Based on Armature Current Measurement

92 Design of fast fuzzy controller and its application on position control of DC motor

93 Closed current loop regulator for electric kart DC motor torque stabilization

94 Adaptive anti-control of chaos of permanent magnet DC motor system

95 The application of DC motor controller in the test system of intelligent elevator

96 Real time control of DC motor drive using speech recognition

97 Intelligent controller design for PM DC motor position control using evolutionary programming

98 Modeling and simulation of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy controller for Chopper-Fed DC Motor Drive

99 DC motor drive with high torque at low speeds


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