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Monday, July 30, 2012

FPGA VLSI Projects list 2012 - 2013

1 Low-Power And Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder 

2 Digital Image Authentication From JPEG Headers 

3 Building An AMBA AHB Compliant Memory Controller 

4 A Robust FSM Watermarking Scheme For IP Protection Of Sequential Circuit

5 Design Of Sequential Elements For Low Power Clocking System. 

6 Innovative Application Of RFID Systems To Special Education Schools 

7 Field Programmable Gate Array Prototyping Of End-Around Carry Parallel Prefix Tree Architectures. 

8 A New Reversible Design Of BCD Adder 

9 Efficient Pattern Matching Algorithm For Memory Architecture 

10 The Realization Of Precision Agriculture Monitoring System Based On Wireless Sensor Network 

11 Bus Matrix Synthesis Based On Steiner Graphs For Power Efficient System-On-
Chip Communications 

12 New Architectural Design Of CA-Based Codec. 

13 An Autonomous Vectorscalar Floating Point Coprocessor For FPGAs 
14 Adiabatic Technique For Energy Efficient Logic Circuits Design 

15 4 Bit SQF Multiplier Based On Booth Encoder 

16 A Low-Power And Portable Spread Spectrum Clock Generator For SOC

17 Period Extension And Randomness Enhancement Using High-Throughput
Reseeding-Mixing Prng. 

18 Mapping Multi-Domain Applications Onto Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable

19 The Communication Interface Design Of AT89C51 

20 Area-Efficient Scalable Map Processor Design For High-Throughput
Multistandard Convolutional Turbo Decoding 

21 A Design Of Network Remote Control System 

22 Efficient Codec Designs For Crosstalk Avoidance Codes Based On Numeral

23 Blind Spectrum Sensing For OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Systems 

24 Design And Characterization Of Parallel Prefix Adders Using FPGAs 

25 Low-Power And Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder 

26 Preparation Robot Based On Serial 

27 Peak Power Analysis Of MC-CDMA Employing Golay Complementary

28 A Distributed Canny Edge Detector And Its Implementation On FPGA 

29 An FPGA-Based Architecture For Linear And Morphological Image Filtering 

30 FPGA Based Real-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller 

31 Design Of Low Power And High Speed Configurable Booth Multiplier

32 Dual Stack Method A Novel Approach To Low Leakage And Speed Power
Product Vlsi Design 

33 Mapping Multi-Domain Applications Onto Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable

34 MasliNET: A Wireless Sensor Network Based Environmental Monitoring System 

35 On Profibus-DP Slave Station Controller Based On NIOS II

36 An Efficient Architecture Design For VGA Monitor Controller 

37 IEEE 1451-Based Multi-Interface Module (I2M) For Industrial Processes

38 Design And Implementation Of Cordic Processor For Complex DPLL 

39 High-Accuracy Fixed-Width Modified Booth Multipliers For Lossy Applications 

40 Efficient Iterative Techniques For Soft Decision Decoding Of Reed-Solomon

41 Design And Sensitivity Analysis Of A New Current-Mode Sense Amplifier For
Low-Power SRAM 

42 An Implementation Of A 2D FIR Filter Using The Signed-Digit Number System 

43 A Novel Low Power And High Speed Wallace Tree Multiplier For RISC

44 Hardware Realization Of Shadow Detection Algorithm In FPGA 

45 Fixed-State Tests For Delay Faults In Scan Designs 

46 Design Of An Error Detection And Data Recovery Architecture For Motion
Estimation Testing Applications. 

47 Image Encryption Based On AES Key Expansion 

48 Digital Watermarking Using Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition 

49 Efficient Weighted Modulo 2N+1 Adders By Partitioned Parallel-Prefix
Computation And Enhanced Circular Carry Generation 

50 An Ultra-Low-Power BPSK Receiver And Demodulator Based On Injection-
Locked Oscillators 

51 High Speed ASIC Design Of Complex Multiplier Using Vedic Mathematics 

52 Fuzzy Random Impulse Noise Removal From Color Image Sequences 

53 A Flexible Hardware Implementation Of SHA-1 And SHA-2 Hash Functions 

54 PVT Variation Tolerant Current Source With On-Chip Digital Self-Calibration 

55 Effect Of Carrier Frequency Offset On Single-Carrier CDMA With Frequency-
Domain Equalization 

56 Implementation Of A Self-Motivated Arbitration Scheme For The Multilayer AHB Bus Matrix. 

57 On The Transmission Method For Short Range MIMO Communications 

58 Enhancing Learning Of Digital Systems Using A Remote FPGA Lab 

59 Operation Improvement Of Indoor Robot By Gesture Recognition 

60 New Approach To Look-Up-Table Design And Memory-Based Realization Of
FIR Digital Filter. 

61 A Low-Power Single-Phase Clock Multiband Flexible Divider. 

62 A Median Filter FPGA With Harvard Architecture 

63 An Efficient 4-D 8PSK TCM Decoder Architecture 

64 A Lightweight High-Performance Fault Detection Scheme For The Advanced
Encryption Standard Using Composite Fields 

65 Performance Analysis Of Integer Wavelet Transform For Image Compression 

66 An Enhanced Canary-Based System With BIST For SRAM Standby Power

67 FPGA Implementation Of RS232 To Universal Serial Bus Converter 

68 Performance Efficient FPGA Implementation Of Parallel 2-D MRI Image Filtering Algorithms Using Xilinx System Generator 

69 Mobile Video Monitoring System Based On FPGA & GPRS 

70 Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Using Nonuniform Piecewise-Linear

71 Algorithm Of Binary Image Labeling And Parameter Extracting Based On FPGA 

72 Power Management Of MIMO Network Interfaces On Mobile Systems 

73 An On-Chip Delay Measurement Technique Using Signature Registers For
Small-Delay Defect Detection. 

74 LUT Optimization For Memory-Based Computation. 

75 Detecting Background Setting For Dynamic Scene 

76 Low-Complexity Sequential Searcher For Robust Symbol Synchronization In
OFDM Systems 

77 Recognition FPGA System For Detection Of Anomalies In Mammograms 

78 Low Complexity Digit Serial Systolic Montgomery Multipliers For Special Class Of GF(2M) 

79 High-Accuracy Fixed-Width Modified Booth Multipliers For Lossy Applications 

80 Improved Area-Efficient Weighted Modulo 2N + 1 Adder Design With Simple
Correction Schemes. 

81 High Throughput DA-Based DCT With High Accuracy Error-Compensated Adder Tree 

82 Design And VLSI Implementation Of High-Performance Face-Detection Engine For Mobile Applications 

83 A New Adaptive Weight Algorithm For Salt And Pepper Noise Removal 

84 A Rotation-Based Bist With Self-Feedback Logic To Achieve Complete Fault

85 Power-Aware Design With Various Low-Power Algorithms For An H.264/AVC

86 Low Power Chien Search For BCH Decoder Using RT-Level Power

87 Design And Implementation Of Area-Optimized AES Based On FPGA 

88 Solid Waste Monitoring And Management Using RFID, GIS And GSM 

89 A Robust Edge Encoding Technique For Energy-Efficient Multi-Cycle

90 Lossless Implementation Of Daubechies 8-Tap Wavelet Transform 

91 A Probabilistic Estimation Bias Circuit For Fixed-Width Booth Multiplier And Its DCT Applications 

92 Sort Optimization Algorithm Of Median Filtering Based On FPGA 

93 On Reducing Scan Shift Activity At RTL 

94 Design And Implementation Of Low Power Digital FIR Filter Based On Low
Power Multipliers And Adders On Xilinx FPGA 

95 On Reducing Hidden Redundant Memory Accesses For DSP Applications 

96 Automatic Road Extraction Using High Resolution Satellite Images Based On Level Set And Mean Shift Methods 

97 PDE-Based Random-Valued Impulse Noise Removal Based On New Class Of
Controlling Functions 

98 Design Of SHA-1 Algorithm Based On FPGA 

99 Implementation And Performance Analysis Of Seal Encryption On FPGA, GPU And Multi-Core Processors 

100 Design Space Exploration Of Hard-Decision Viterbi Decoding: Algorithm And VLSI Implementation. 

101 A Lightweight High-Performance Fault Detection Scheme For The Advanced
Encryption Standard Using Composite Fields 

102 Accumulator Based 3-Weight Pattern Generation(Testing) 

103 A Secure Field Programmable Gate Array Based System-On-Chip For
Telemedicine Application 

104 A Formal Approach To Designing Cryptographic Processors Based On GF(2^M) Arithmetic Circuits 

105 FPGA Design Of AES Core Architecture For Portable Hard Disk 

106 Design Of A Low Power Flip-Flop Using CMOS Deep Submicron Technology 

107 Removal Of High Density Salt And Pepper Noise Through Modified Decision
Based Unsymmetric Trimmed Median Filter 

108 Design And FPGA Implementation Of Modified Distributive Arithmetic Based DWT-IDWT Processor For Image Compression 

109 FPGA Based FFT Algorithm Implementation In WiMAX Communications System 

110 FPGA Implementation For Humidity And Temperature Remote Sensing System 

111 Face Detection And Recognition Method Based On Skin Color And Depth

112 Location Cache Design And Performance Analysis For Chip Multiprocessors 

113 Single Cycle Access Structure For Logic Test 

114 Systematic Design Of RSA Processors Based On High-Radix Montgomery

115 Effective Hybrid Test Program Development For Software-Based Self-Testing Of Pipeline Processor Cores 

116 An FPGA-Based Architecture For Linear And Morphological Image Filtering 

117 Modeling TCP/IP Stack In A Single Custom Processor, With Secure Data
Transmission To An Altera-Based Web Server 

118 Implementing A Safe Embedded Computing System In Sram-Based FPGAs
Using IP Cores: A Case Study Based On The Altera NIOS-II Soft Processor 

119 RFID-Based Hospital Real-Time Patient Management System 

120 A Multibank Memory-Based VLSI Architecture Of DVB Symbol Deinterleaver 

121 Design And Simulation Of UART Serial Communication Module Based On VHDL 

122 Task Migration In Mesh NOCS Over Virtual Point-To-Point Connections 

123 A Review On Power Optimization Of Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) For Low Power Built In Self Test (BIST) 

124 Cyclic Prefixed OQAM-OFDM And Its Application To Single-Carrier FDMA 

125 Embedded Web Server For Remote Laboratory Access For Undergraduate
Students Studying Electronic Engineering 

126 Pseudorandom Bit Generation Using Coupled Congruential Generators. 

127 An Efficient Implementation Of Floating Point Multiplier 

128 High-Speed Low-Power Viterbi Decoder Design For TCM Decoders 

129 A Very Fast And Low Power Carry Select Adder Circuit 

130 Development Of A New Breath Alcohol Detector Without Mouthpiece To Prevent Alcohol-Impaired Driving 

131 The Design Of The Displaying System Based On The SOPC Embedded Chips 

132 High Speed ASIC Design Of Complex Multiplier Using Vedic Mathematics 

133 The Design Of The Emperature And Humidity Supervisory Monitor System 

134 Technique Of LFSR Based Test Generator Synthesis For Deterministic And
Pseudorandom Testing 

135 Ultra Low-Power Clocking Scheme Using Energy Recovery And Clock Gating 

136 Design And Characterization Of Parallel Prefix Adders Using FPGAs 

137 Runtime Resonance Noise Reduction With Current Prediction Enabled
Frequency Actuator 

138 Adaptive OFDM Radar For Target Detection In Multipath Scenarios 

139 A Pipeline VLSI Architecture For High-Speed Computation Of The 1-D Discrete Wavelet Transform

140 A Blind Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based On Wavelet Transform 

141 High-Throughput Interpolator Architecture For Low-Complexity Chase Decoding Of RS Codes. 

142 Image Edge Detection Based On FPGA 


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