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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MEMS / SMART SENSORS Projects List 2012 - 2013

MEMS / SMART SENSORS Projects List 2012 - 2013

1 The use of MEMs accelerometers for measurement of driver seat comfort

2 Low-cost Structural Health Monitoring Scheme Using MEMS-based

3 Design of Digital Dipmeter Based on MEMS Accelerometer and SOC MCU

4 MEMS Based Aid for the Physically Challenged

5 Wireless earthquake alarm design based on MEMS accelerometer

6 A wearable device for recording of biopotentials and body movements

7 Intelligent Bird scaring system with multiple sensors

8 Predictive maintenace sytem for large bridges and industrial machines using

9 Embedded temperature and vibration sensing system for monitoring ball screw preload

10 The design and application of human attitude detector based on inertial
measurement unit

11 A 3-axis accelerometer and strain sensor system for building integrity monitoring

12 Attitude Estimation of Rigid Bodies Using MEMS Inertial Sensors

13 Development of a low cost inertial measurement unit for UAV applications with Kalman Filter based attitude determination

14 Coin based mobile phone charger for Multiple phones

15 Intelligent Traffic Light Controller with traffic density analiser

16 MEMS Based Aid for the Physically Challenged

17 Applications of MEMS in Robotics and BioMEMS

18 Compact wireless GPS/inertial system

19 Traffic accident automatic detection and remote alarm device

20 Multi-DOF inertial MEMS: From gaming to dead reckoning

21 Pressure sensing system for the study of blast-induced traumatic brain injury

22 Wireless technologies for the orthopaedics: Diagnostics and surgical applications

23 Self-calibrating infrared thermometer for remote monitoring in cold climates

24 Measurements and simulations of the convective heat transfer coefficients on
the end-windings of an electrical machine

25 Ultrasonic Aid for the Blind with distance calculation - Electronic stick

26 vehicle ostacle detection and breaking for collision prevention

27 Micro mirror arrays for improved sensitivity of thermopile infrared sensors

28 Physiotheraphy training scheduler using MEMS sensors

29 Missing Items detection technology for normal daily usage

30 Supermarket Queu Prevention and automation system - Electronic Basket

31 An intelligent Lighting system for exhibition applications

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