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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Neural Network / MATLAB Projects List 2012 - 2013

Neural Network / MATLAB Projects List 2012 - 2013

1 A Direct Torque Control of Asynchronous Motor Based on Fuzzy Net-work

2 A New Intelligent Autoreclosing Scheme Using Artificial Neural Network

3 A Novel Intrusion Detection System Based on PSO-RBF Classifier

4 A Novel Method for Extraction of Speed Output Using NN in Vector Control of

5 A Novel Neural Network Controller for Asymmetric Cascade Multilevel Inverter

6 An Integrated Neural Network Based Fault Diagnosis in Feed water Pump

7 An Intelligent Inverse Maximum Power Point Tracking Control Strategy for Wind

8 ANN Based New Energy Conservation Scheme for Three Phase Induction Motor

9 ANN controller for static synchronous series compensator in transient stability analysis

10 ANN-Based Voltage DIP Mitigation in Power Networks with Distributed

11 Application of ANN in Time Series Prediction for Deformation of Surrounding
Rocks in Soft Rock

12 Assessment Method for Soil Environmental Quality Based on BPNN

13 Classification of Thumbprint using Artificial Neural Network

14 Control of a Nuclear Steam Generator using Feedback-Feedforward LQG

15 Controlling Engine Advance Angle Based on ANN

16 Design of Fire Detection and Alarm System Based on Intelligent Neural Network

17 Dynamic Harmonic Identification in Converter Waveforms Using RBNN

18 Electricity Forecasting For Small Scale Power System Using Artificial Neural

19 engine fuel economy and its optimization in hybrid electric vehicles based on MATLAB

20 Fault diagnosis of 40TM liquid-gas hammer based on BP algorithm

21 Feedforward Control for High Precision Linear Servo System

22 Forecasting Sunspot Numbers with Neural Networks using ‘Sunspot Neural
Forecaster’ System

23 Implementation of NN-Controlled VSC and a Transformer as 3-Phase 4-Wire

24 Layer Recurrent Neural Network Solution for an Electromagnetic Interference

25 Load Frequency Control Using PID Tuned ANN Controller in Power System

26 Maximum Power Point Tracking using GA Optimized ANN for Solar PV System

27 Neural-Network-Based Integrated Electronic Load Controller for Asynchronous Generators

28 Obstacle Avoidance in Mobile Robot using Neural Network

29 Selection of Affecting Factors of Coal and Gas Outburst on Genetic Algorithm

30 The Application of Neural Network for Sneak Circuit Analysis on the Aircraft
Electrical System

31 The Forecast of the Electrical Energy Generated by Photovoltaic Systems using ANN

32 The Intelligent Prediction of Flux Addition of P-S Converter

33 Thunderstorm Forecasting by using Artificial Neural Network


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