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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RFID , Smart Cards, Magnetic Cards Projects List 2012 - 2013

RFID ,  Smart Cards,    Magnetic Cards  Projects List 2012 - 2013

1 Ultrasonics level readers based flood alert system for infrastructure in the
proximity of water bodies.

2 PIR sensor triggered motion detection and video surveillance system for security applications.

3 Ambient conditions logger for cargo containers for international commerce

4 MEMS based infrastructural predictive maintenance systems with GSM alerting function.

5 Alerting head gear for drivers for preventing drowsiness of drivers using dual
axis MEMS accelerometers.

6 Passenger alerting system using volatile gas sensors to detect LPG/CNG
leakage in an automobile.

7 Vehicle ignition over ride system using breath analyzers for preventing drunken driving.

8 Multi parameter recorder using memory cards for fleet monitoring system.

9 Multiple coin based smart coin phone system with precise coin acceptance

10 Vehicle pollution monitoring and automatic service time indication with fuel
quality indication for automobiles.

11 Sophisticated portable bird scaring system for agricultural applications

12 On Board Diagnostic system for automobiles for manufacturer independent
vehicle diagnostics.

13 Group elevator scheduling with advance information for normal and emergency modes in building management systems

14 Vehicle safety system with alcohol detector

15 Involuntary industrial power scheduler using embedded system

16 Tamper and fault proof automatic speed limiting device for commercial vehicles
with over speed logger.

17 Zigbee network for railways using GPS for collision warning and avoidance.

18 Pre programmed portable navigation aid for fisherman with weather updates and
distress alerting system.

19 Automatic traffic signal switching system by differential positioning of vehicles using GPS for ambulances and fire fighter vehicles.

20 Employee safety tracking system for call center employees using GPS and

21 GPS tags for monitoring and tracking animals in live stock farming.

22 Unmanned farming vehicles for farming using GPS based steering system.

23 Prescription drug abuse control system using secure smart cards.

24 Automatic rationing for public distribution system (PDS) using RFID for
preventing smuggling of goods

25 RFID and ZigBee based prepaid automatic fare system for public transports.

26 Passive RFID based low cost implementation of multi purpose cards using
centralized citizen database

27 Robust and efficient password-authenticated key agreement using smart cards
for campus management

28 Automatic rationing for PDS with consumption logger using smart cards

29 Unmanned bus ticket issuing system for passengers

30 Automated and unmanned railway gate crossing system

31 Robust and efficient password-authenticated key agreement using smart cards for campus management

32 Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train

33 Speaking aid for dumb using TTS Engines

34 Speaking aid for dumb using DSP based speech synthesizer

35 Design of Comprehensive Teaching Aid for Communication Engineers/ Electrical Engineers VI

36 Universal remote control based on Sound recognition for ipods and mobile

37 Multiple Noiseless Signal transfer in hospitals for patient monitoring and
networking using VI

38 Automatic covering and fungus protection system for drying materials in Agro based industries

39 Distance based automatic Bus Ticketing system

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