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Monday, July 30, 2012

Robotics projects 2012 - 2013

1 Applications of MEMS in Robotics and BioMEMS 

2 Color Identification Robot for material handling in industries 

3 Vision-guided robotic assembly using uncalibrated vision 

4 Multimodal haptic interface for surgical robotics 

5 WVaMode: A Wi-Fi vehicular ad hoc Mode for the unmanned vehicle 

6 Conveyor Monitoring and Control system with smart power saver for industries 

7 Realisation of a bilaterally teleoperated robotic vehicle platform with passivity control 

8 Mobile controlled robot with real time feedback sensors 

9 A Noncontact Ultrasonic Platform for Structural Inspection 

10 Multi degree Pick and Place robot with object identification technology 

11 Battery state estimation for applications in intelligent warehouses 

12 Development of a low cost inertial measurement unit for UAV applications with Kalman Filter based attitude determination 

13 Robotic system for reactive navigation in dynamic environments 

14 Design and implementation of real time pollution free autonomous vehicle for harvesting on VI platform 

15 Feedback and predictive motion control strategies for the off-road locomotion of the three-wheeled personal vehicle Falcon-III 

16 Autonomous robots in the fog of war 

17 The Application of Adaptive PID Control in the Spray Robot 

18 Multi parameter monitoring robot for poisonous gases and nuclear radiation

19 Design of PID controller based on information collecting robot in agricultural fields 

20 Application of Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent Military Robot in Defense 

21 Multi parameter Recording robot for potentially hazardous surroundings 

22 Research of intelligent immune intrusion detection system about combating virus with “virus” 

23 The Application Research of Mobile Robots and Wireless Sensor Network in
Laser Automatic Guided Vehicles 

24 Path tracking robot for material handling in banks and Industries 

25 Power saving robot for software industries using thermopiloe array 

26 Elderly Patient movement assistance robot between different labs in hospitals 

27 Autonomous landmine mapping robot prototype with remote database logger for defense application. 

28 Missing weapons logging using low cost passive RFID and self navigating
vehicle platform. 

29 Field programmable autonomous communication jammer robot prototype for Warfield using ZigBee data link. 

30 PIR grid based automatic video surveillance robot with pan and tilt servo camera assembly. 

31 Live human detecting robot for earth quake rescue operation. 

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